A special morning moment



The continental breakfast of a bed and breakfast.

A bed and breakfast, to delight your taste buds and pupils.


A homemade breakfast


So I don't know about you! But I don't like to eat cardboard on a daily basis. So on vacation...


A bed and breakfast, it's good home made products and a greedy breakfast every morning. And guess what ! You are on the website of a bed and breakfast ^^


Well, for now you can only browse the photo gallery of this page. Then let yourself be guided by the captions of these photos to get an idea of the homemade breakfast that I propose in my bed and breakfast.


I have plenty of recipes to treat you. And good products, between the garden and various suppliers in the vicinity of our bed and breakfast, I do not miss any.


Continental breakfast composition:


For the coffee, it is the Brûlerie du Goyen, at Savina.

My apple juice, made with apples from the garden, is made at Patrice Le Roux's juice workshop in Plogastel St Germain.

The flour I use for my sourdough bread comes from Barabio, in Ergué-Gabéric.

For my jams, it is the fruits of the garden:

Apple jelly or blackcurrant apple
Rhubarb in all flavors, strawberry-rhubarb, banana-rhubarb...
Strawberry jam, but for red fruits:
Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackcurrant, it's much better mixed

For my favorite, the homemade blackberry jam! A fruit that is very easy to find in our region at the end of August, as the brambles are abundant in Brittany, along the hiking trails.

And some salted butter caramel, to spread in the pancakes at will ^^


A homemade breakfast with sourdough bread


Wheat pancakes every morning, but also homemade bread. I have been in the habit for a few years now of making my own bread, a natural sourdough bread to feel good.

And since the oven is on the way to bake the bread, I might as well take advantage of it to bake pies, cakes or brioches... No pastries bought at the bakery for our continental breakfast, but lots of different cake recipes.


And in Brittany, there is no lack of cake recipes! On the podium, you can put in the order you want:

Far with prunes, or with apples
the Breton cake, the most classic
and of course the kouign amann

I will also suggest as dairy a yogurt, oatmeal cream for those who like, or cheese ...


All of this will be accompanied by fruits from the garden, or from the market, depending on the season: strawberries, plums, peaches, apples and pears, and tomatoes from the greenhouse when the weather is fine.